how to cure asthma naturally

how to cure asthma naturally- Asthma or shortness of breath is a hereditary disease, its presence can not be eliminated because the respiratory tract ( from the trachea to the bronchus / bronchi ) asthmatic little ' different' to normal people. The respiratory tract has excessive sensitivity to environmental conditions or allergies. Her symptoms are difficulty breathing and become short of breath, chest tightness, sometimes accompanied by coughing.
Glance regarding asthma, also called wheezing illnesses, asthma is a respiratory problem in the form of allergies or sensitive to something that enters the body whether dust or cold. Asthma patients can experience difficulty breathing and feel tightness in the chest. Biasanynya cough during breathing and sounds high but audible narrowed.Prevent asthma attacks consist of two parts, the first with the creation of the appropriate environment and the second is prevention through food.

natural cure asthma

People living with asthma can feel that the quality of life will be affected much less life-threatening asthma should therefore be known to the things that are needed to handle it. Asthma can actually be managed. Asthma is caused by several factors, including the :

1.Faktor genetic or hereditary

Someone suffering from asthma trigger factor is heredity. As we know that someone who has a derivative of asthmatics then the derivative was 80 % risk of suffering from asthma. Many think that asthma is contagious, when in fact asthma is a disease that is a derivative.

2. Environmental factors

Unhealthy environment is an early onset of asthma. Cigarette smoke, fumes, or dust and air pollution is the cause.
The factors that cause a person can suffer from asthma we discussed actually can be prevented in many ways. Perhaps you already know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one simple way that is good enough to do, but a lot of things that are holding you to a healthy lifestyle to prevent asthma. Therefore, we will provide appropriate and effective solution how to treat asthma naturally

3. Factors Food

The food is also one of the causes of a person suffering from asthma. There are some foods that warrant concern, namely food containing MSG ( Monosodium Glutamate ) or high levels of preservatives.

Is there a natural remedy that can cure asthma ? Of course there is, let us consider some ways and natural medicine to treat asthma.

Prevent Asthma Attacks Through Food

Prevention of asthma not only of the environment, nutrition is the important role that asthma is not easy to attack. Routine consumption of fish oil and broccoli may help the body's resistance to asthma . Fish oil is rich in fatty acids omega 3 and 6, while broccoli is rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Research from Harvard found that people with asthma are usually caused by a shortage of all these substances during the healing process infalamasi. So you should give additional supply all the needs of this essential nutrient.

The following are some foods that can treat asthma

1. Avocado

Avocados are known to contain the highest concentration of L - glutathione is an anti - asthma foods that can make cells protection against damaged caused by free radicals, and detoxify the body from pollutants and other risky substances. L - glutathione in avocado can help quells systemic inflammation and repair of damaged intestinal health. A system which in turn helps to avoid the causes of asthma.

2. Bananas

According to a study conducted in 2011 by researchers from Imperial College London, eating bananas every day can prevent asthma. The study found that children who eat a banana one day, a natural reduction in the risk of asthma signs like wheezing up to approximately 34 %.

3. Water

Most people who are diagnosed with asthma, because the situation is usually due to dehydration. according to some experts, the signs of asthma that prefix begins as a warning that the body requires water. until you need to meet the needs of water every day to avoid the development of signs of asthma.

4. Spinach

A study involving 68 535 participants were women showed that high intake of spinach linked immediately with the shrinking of the risk of asthma. These results might be supported by the fact that the high content of vitamin spinach.c ,beta - carotene,vitamin .E ,and magnesium.

5. ginger

herb ginger is a powerful anti - asthmatic, especially some people mention that the added benefits better than antihistamines like benadryl while cleaning the air duct and stop the inflammation.
fiber and antioxidant character make ginger can be a powerful medicine without causing side effects that are at risk, which means safe for you to add it to in the daily food and drink for good health.

6. Apples

apple contains quersetin that can be demonstrated to provide strong protection in asthma. something of a European study found that pregnant women who consume at least four apples per week, 53 % lower in the risk of having a child with asthma.

7. Turmeric

anti - inflammatory active ingredient in turmeric can also handle the inflammation responsible for the swelling of the lungs and respiratory tract constriction along an asthma attack. due to help dilate blood vessels and relax the muscles, turmeric is a powerful weapon while preventing a recurrence of the signs of asthma.

How to Cure Asthma :

1. Inhale the aroma of rich oil and white
if you have been feeling the signs of asthma can appear, quickly inhaled the scent of eucalyptus oil. article aroma white rich oils can calm the nerves. until he could avoid asthma recur, or can melapangankan your breath when an asthma attack.

2. Coffee consumption
How to cope with diseases that coffee consumption Asmaseseorang warm when an asthma attack, could help someone relieve crowded. This subject has been widely known because of the coffee, as well as efficient to open the air channel sandwiched in the chest.

3. Do not panic
Do not panic if asthma that you had already relapsed, the article can only worsen panic circulation of your breathing. Therefore, in appropriate conditions, it is recommended continued calm and began to slowly inhale oxygen from the nose and exhale through the mouth. This need be done about the situation so that you can be much more better. moment, when the situation has improved, you can immediately contact a doctor or call someone to want help.

4. Drink the juice of basil leaves and honey

Another step that can handle an asthma attack, you can consume basil leaf juice combined with honey. This subject can be demonstrated to help patients suffering asthma and respiratory restore the situation back to normal.

5. frequent exercise.
good aerobic exercise done by people who live with asthma. This exercise includes jogging or walking in the morning. However, do not be too excessive during exercise. too excessive exercise can make the body fatigue that can cause asthma attacks. ask your doctor about the type and intensity of exercise that fits.

That's some natural ways to prevent asthma, and is also a natural way to treat asthma. Are you asthmatic? and if you 've tried most of the tips I have suggested above? How is the result? Put also additional tips if you have it, and maybe correction if something goes wrong because even though I 've tried to provide accurate information possible throughout errors can still occur.

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