how to maximize revenue adsense

How to maximize revenue adsense- google adsense itself a partner of advertising services adwords second major companies from google is still to be excellent for the owner of a website or blog , Here , I will explain how to increase adsense revenue
because in addition to paying more expensive google adsense itself always put ads highly relevant to the content on your blog or website so that the possibility for the click by visitors will be high , here are some reasons the bloggers choose to be an adsense publisher .

But although the number of users Adsense is currently very much , most of them have not been earning huge Adsense . Even once there are people who say that 90% of Adsense users only earn less than $ 100 each month and only 10 % are getting thousands - tens of thousands of dollars each month
Although the workings of Adsense is very simple , but to obtain large Adsense income is not easy , especially if you do not know how. To successfully make a lot of money from Adsense takes patience and hard work , especially in building a profitable website (profitable ) .

how to maximize revenue adsense
Google Adsense
Here I will share tips on how to increase your Adsense revenue that perhaps some of these tips are often overlooked and ignored by most people , but if implemented correctly it can increase your Adsense income .

1. Ad Placement 

Second to review increasing the revenues Google adsense Select strategic ad placement position . One way to bring prayer The highest click * According to My Experience Personal Ad placement Good And bring clicking Many are in the beginning of the article , post taxable income and AT sidebar , HAL Third Place This Frequently seen Posted visitors to the blog . while at the head of the Legal - Only valid but usually visitors will only Watching Alone Without Having to click advertising , that some experiences I ABOUT Ad placement for the review brings click .

2. Adjust Size Adsense Ads

for the two ad size selection is very important because the size of the ad that do not fit will not attract visitors to their view . according to my experience personal ad sizes have plenty click ads are 300x250 , 336x280 and advertising 300X600 ad , this ad I placed third at the beginning of the article , after article and on the sidebar , for 720X90 ads or advertisements header should select the display responsive . because if you put an ad in the header 720X90 likely to fit on a smartphone would not be appropriate , and this certainly will not get many clicks , but quite the opposite , for it adjust to the ad responsive .

3 increase the speed of your Stus

Site speed is one of the many recommended by experts adsense . because if your site has many visitors are likely load servers on the responsibility will be more severe , the consequences ad is not seen by visitors when loaded and they 've almost finished reading our articles, and frequent visitors will only see ads at the bottom of the article does not look at the beginning of the article moreover sidebar to run ads in the sidebar of course after the article opened before the sidebar , this is why you have to optimize the speed of the site .

4. use the template sunny

use the template bright not dark why ? template bright because visitors will be more comfortable with our site and the results they will more often visit our blog , it is not likely one of them will click on ads adsense

5. Customize your Adsense ads to the content of the site

Make Adsense ads that match the content of your site and templates both in terms of color , typeface ( font ) , and the size of the letters . The aim is that the ad looks together with the content and AdSense does not look like ads .

Most people hate if his view bothered with a lot of advertising . If Adsense ads seen together as the content on the site , then the site visitors will think that the Adsense ads that appear is not an advertisement and will be read so that the greater the likelihood click (High CTR ) .

6. Properly position Adsense ads

Good Adsense ad position is mounted in a position easily seen by visitors to the site , for example, on the top navigation menu and right sidebar . Anyway the important thing is to be visible , how mugnkin Adsense ads would be in if the visitor clicks the ad alone is not visible .

7. Multiply visitors

It is perhaps the hardest and most time consuming is to bring traffic website visitors. To get free traffic you can start promoting your site through social media and search engine optimization ( search engine optimization) . Remember , no matter how good your site if visitors less then the Adsense revenue was definitely small .

That's a few ways to increase revenue from google adsense, so that your blog visitors will feel at home for long in your blog and are interested to click on ads
Essentially, you have to multiply the blog visitors and also create a quality article. if still confused with the above tips , please ask a way to give your comment below this article

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