natural way to get rid of scars

Are you someone who has scars on the body ? Are you confused how to get rid of scars on your body it ? Here are some ways get rid of scars in a natural way in a relatively quick time . You do not need to worry anymore about the scars you have it . So no need to perform plastic surgery . By applying these tips you can remove it only by applying the steps are quite easy . Some of the natural ingredients can be used as a reliever scars.

 Why choose natural ingredients instead of chemicals are sold in drug stores . The fundamental reason is the safety factor , natural ingredients tend to be more secure without the need for us to think about the side effects that will be caused . While the risks of chemical drugs tend to have side effects that can have serious consequences if it does not fit with our skin . Besides natural materials are more readily available and the price is also more affordable . Well just see explanation below.

Some people who have scars were sometimes uncomfortable , especially if the existing scar visible to others . For example, there are scars on the hands , face , legs , and other body parts that can be sighted people . The scar can be you can as burns, falls , injuries hit , and the like that can be eliminated by using natural materials as follows .

menghilangkan kulit terlukaTreating scars with natural ingredients are minimal side effects.
No wonder if some people worry about is even willing to do any way . Various special lotion or ointment products special was purchased, some even dared to do plastic surgery or laser so that the skin becomes smooth again no matter how much it costs to be incurred ! Intrigued with any traditional materials that can be tested ? Here is the description .

1. Using  Cucumber

How to get rid of scars with natural materials subsequently the use of honey . Who would have thought to use honey , your scars will slowly disappear . In addition, the honey is able to eliminate old scars and quite powerful . First , choose a natural honey , do that has been mixed with other additives . Oles - topical honey to scars on your body . Let stand for about 30 minutes . Afterwards , rinse with warm temperature water . Perform routine several times a week . If done regularly , the scars may fade into a faint and lost .

2. using green tea leaves

Health experts concluded that green tea contains antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate ( EGCG ) . The content of this antioxidant strength 200 times more powerful than vitamin E and has been shown to reduce the activity of hormones that cause acne , reduce inflammation of the skin , controls oil production and remove scars caused by acne . Besides consumed as a beverage , green tea leaves can also be used as a toner . How, dampen cotton small towel with water or green tea leaves that have been brewed . Then , wipe the cotton or a small towel on the wound has been cleaned .

3. use of mint leaves

Plants are known as Mentha Piperita This is an herb that is widely used for various products such as toothpaste , mouthwash and wind oil . In addition, the mint also has good benefits for skin health . Mint leaves are also commonly used to help acne , burns , and even too powerful to remove the scar . The trick , take a few leaves of mint . Rinse and scrub to form a puree . Next apply to your wound area .

4. pare plant

Pare , a plant known for its bitter fruit is one herb that has been widely known health benefits . And in fact, in addition to the fruit , leaves can also be used to camouflage scars. The trick , wash thoroughly Pare handful of leaves are still fresh . Then , knead until smooth . Add a little warm water , then squeeze . Then , mix the juice with 2 tablespoons of rice flour until the texture is like lotion . Then , stir until evenly distributed. Apply on the scar . Let dry and rinse thoroughly .

maybe some of the tips above is enough to get rid of scars naturally . do it routinely and regularly , then your scars will soon disappear and re- smooth skin without scars

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  1. eat much vegetable and fruit , thats the best way to heal all of ill

  2. Perhaps, using cucumber is the most suitable tips that i could try rather than the others. Because cucumber isn't as expensive as the green tea one. Thanks a lot sir!

    By the way, why are you changing your language?

  3. my mean, tea leaves is most suitable tips for healing scars

  4. Greeting Friendly, nice info, thanks for information, so many natural ingredients can healing.. :)


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